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CPC, MCCB, RCBO's - what does this mean?

Electrical abbreviations

Electrical abbreviations

Electricians often use some abbreviations which for ordinary people can be difficult to understand. To help understand this slang I created mini-dictionary :

AC alternating current
DC direct current
LV low voltage
HV high voltage
EHV extra high voltage
PELV protective extra-low voltage
SELV separated extra-low voltage
FELV functional extra-low voltage
PME protective multiple earthing
MEN multiple earthed neutral
RCD residual current device
RCBO residual current breaker with overload
RCM residual current monitor
MCB miniature circuit breaker
MCCBs molded case circuit breakers
ACB air circuit breaker
VCB vacuum circuit breaker
CU consumer unit
DB distribution board
FCU fused connection unit
PIR periodic inspection report
EIC electrical installation certificate
MEW minor electrical works (certificate)
PAT portable appliance testing
ADS automatic disconnection of supply
EEBADS earthed equipotential bonding and automatic disconnection of suplly
CPC circuit protective conductor
PFC power factor correction
CT current transformer
PV photovoltaic
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
SWA steel wire armour (cable)
MICC mineral insulated copper-clad (cable)
MIMS mineral insulated metal sheathed (cable)


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