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Miniature circuit breaker construction
Miniature Circuit breaker construction.

Crimp terminals
Crimp terminals.

Electrician prices
Get know prices of electrical works

CPC, MCCB, RCBO's - what does this mean?
Electrical terminology - abbreviations.

Earthing systems
Earthing systems

How old is wiring in your house ?

How do two-way light switches work
Understand how two-way switches work

How to wire current transformer

Cable colour codes
To enable wires to be easily and safely identified, all common wiring safety codes mandate a colour scheme for the insulation on power conductors. In a typical electrical code, some colour coding is mandatory, while some may be optional.

How much money does an electrician earn?

Consumer unit wiring - 17th Edition

Domestic electrical circuits
Running from the consumer unit are the cables that supply the various fixed wiring circuits in home. Not only are the sizes of the cables different, the circuit themselves also differ, depending on what are used for and also, in some cases, how old they happen to be.

Wiring an electric shower

How to wire an RCBO

Typical causes of unwanted RCD tripping problems
The cause of intermittent tripping problems can often be difficult to determine and resolve, the cause can come from within an installation or from the electrical supply entering the installation.
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